Have I been busy or what?


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2 Responses to Potholder26

  1. OMG! These are absolutely gorgeous. The talent you have to do these patterns and colors and designs is tremendous. I wish I could meet you in person and learn!!! I am so impressed. I have been showing all of these to my Mom and she loves them as well! Excellent job! We love your work!

    • When you love something, it just happens…. And it doesn’t hurt to have a huge vintage stash. At the moment, I’m in love with vintage thread potholder patterns. Ravelry is having their potholder exchange right now, and I’m seriously considering joining. All it takes is 5 potholders. Most of these aren’t all that trustworthy with hot pots, but hey, who’s going to use them anyway. I just found some vintage shaded red thread in my stash, and I’m thinking “flower with black edgings equals Coke potholder!” Gotta try it

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