Have I been busy or what?

It’s raining potholders!

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crochet addict and owner of the countryyarns.com web site where I sell crochet patterns galore
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4 Responses to Have I been busy or what?

  1. Ann says:

    I had’t kept a count but was aware the number was climbing! How many all together and what are you going to do with them? I look at the 5-sided ones and think what a cute bird house they would make……….

    • I’ve seen one made into a birdhouse somewhere. Maybe on the 999 (yes!) group of potholders on Flickr. It’s up over 30 now, and my goal is 52 for the year – one a week. I’m way ahead LOL Some will be gifted, some will be sold, and some will be saved for my kitchen wall when the remodel is finished.

  2. Lorenia Fish says:

    I love these. Where can I find the patterns?

    • Almost all of them are vintage patterns and are free on the internet. If you want links to each of them, you can visit my Ravelry “Projects” section and find the links with each project. I am JennieG on Ravelry. Thank you for your compliment!

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