And more potholders….

Be prepared, I’m on a potholder binge. And until it runs it’s course, I’ll be “finding” potholders in all kinds of patterns. But first here are a few more that I’ve crocheted in the last few days. The rose is a vintage pattern and can be found in a lot of places, and the starburst is also vintage in lots of variations.


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6 Responses to And more potholders….

  1. I love the black, white and rust pot holder. It is absolutely beautiful. Wow!

  2. crochetthread says:

    Very nice. I especially like the one on the right. Excellent work!

  3. Arloa Dickinson says:

    I love the potholders and want to make them my self. Where can I buy the paterns?

    • Almost all of them are free patterns on the internet. Do you belong to Ravelry? If so, I’m JennieG there and have all the potholders listed under my projects, with links or sources for the patterns to each. If not, let me know which ones in particular interest you and I’ll see if I can remember the source.

  4. Sheri *¿* says:

    Here you are… I was Thinking Etsy… Yes, I will Eat Crow and try to $ell my Award winning PotHolder… Hugs, Sheri *¿*

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