Found – two more sampler pages.

More samples. The thread on these two seems smaller, so I’m assuming it was not the same crocheter as my other post. These use a lot of the commercial trims that were available in the early 1900s, like a picot strip that is _maybe_ 1/8″ wide as shown on the top right column of the partially finished page. You have to look really close (click on the picture to enlarge) to see that the “rims” of those wheels are actually not crocheted but strips of trim. To the left of that one, the lozenge-shaped areas are not crocheted, but commercial trim that is the base for the crochet work. Below that, tiny rick rack is used! I’m wondering if they came up with the designs themselves or used a commercial pattern. I’ve seen a couple of rick rack books but nothing that uses all the other trims so effectively.


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