Diary of a Project – part 2

Smile for the camera!

The filet center of the blanket is now finished, although it looks more like a “big, fat rose” than a long-stemmed beauty! Other than the problem between my brain and the new stitches I encountered, it went well. I had to ignore my brain saying “2 ch, 1 dc” make a space and just follow the chart exactly; on some rows it was a surprise when the stitch count worked out! Since it was 44 spaces wide and 61 rows tall, I expected it to end up taller than wide, and it is but not very much. Seems like I forgot to take into account that (at least for me) 2 strands of soft thread worked together has a lot more of a yarn behavior than ordinary thread; yarn has a lot more spring and will stretch while being worked but relax when it’s left alone again.

But we’ll work with what we have, because I’m not frogging now! I’m almost finished with a row of sc around the piece to give me some “real” stitches to work into; it also gives me a chance to see how I need to adjust the stitches and the first decision was alternating 2sc and 3sc in the ends of the rows instead of 3 sc in each end. Previous experience has taught me that 3 stitches in the ends of the rows can result in a ripple effect along the side of the piece because of too many stitches on the side. It definitely looks better this way, and I think the weight of the border will sort of block out any remaining ripple. The top and bottom have 3 sc in each space, and the corners have 3sc in each. After the sc row is finished, I’m considering maybe a few rows of checkerboard will look good as a sort of frame for the rose. I’m afraid that if I do solid dc all around it will start to ruffle, and open blocks might draw up the sides of the border.

One other trick that I (and a lot of other crocheters) use is to place a marker on every 10th row of the piece, because I know I’m going to lose my count and have to count back. I also took a red pen and drew a line between every 5th and 6th row even though there was one marking every 10th line.


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5 Responses to Diary of a Project – part 2

  1. Wow, very impressive. Great job.

  2. Sandie says:

    What patience you must have! This is a beautiful piece. Good job!

  3. I adore your wp theme, wherever would you down load it from?

    • I’m not sure what the “theme” is. do you mean the azaleas? If so, those are from my front yard and the darker ones are close to 40 years old! The original pic was more square, and I cropped off the bottom so that our old driveway (the new one is on the other side of the azaleas) with its patchy grass wouldn’t be seen.

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