Kicking and screaming!

I feel like a newborn who is thinking “Hey, I liked where I was!”  But the only real way to fly is to get off the ground, so here goes.  First a few words of introduction and since this blog is crochet related I’ll stick to that.  I was introduced to crocheting at the age of twelve, after watching my mother crochet all my life and pestering her to teach me.  This was before the age of everything-electronic, so there were no distractions that would make me lose interest quickly.  Crocheting “took” with me immediately, and after that a hook and ball of thread were my constant companions.

Thanks to my husband, I opened a small needlework shop across the driveway from our country home in 1982 to serve the crocheters in my area.  It didn’t take long before the shop was enlarged once and then again (all by my husband), to accommodate more crocheting and the craft supplies I added for the youth groups in our area – school, scouts, and church.  I was putting together individual craft kits to make it easier for the leaders of those groups.  Then in 1996 we got on the internet, and I realized that many crocheters thought that the only crochet patterns available were the few that they found at the chain stores.  But I knew differently!  At that time, Leisure Arts had almost 1,000 crochet titles in print, and I had them all.  So with my husband’s blessing I set up a small and very basic web site selling all those crochet titles from various publishers that were in my shop.  If it looked like a title was about to be discontinued, I bought more stock.  And more stock.  Then came the Elizabeth Hiddleson acquisition – more about that in another blog.

The walk-in shop was closed back in 2007 after 25 years, but the web site will be here as long as I can fill orders.  Nothing gives me more crochet-pleasure than a customer thanking me, saying they thought they would never find “that” pattern again.  I think in another life I would have been a reference librarian.  Hopefully this blog will add to the fun of your crocheting experiences.


About countryyarnscrochet

crochet addict and owner of the web site where I sell crochet patterns galore
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12 Responses to Kicking and screaming!

  1. Betsy Paine says:

    The blog looks great, and those azaleas are beautiful!

  2. Ann Kelley says:

    The flowers are beautiful. Up north we’re still just ‘thinking’ spring!

  3. Barbara Russell says:

    I look forward to following your blog.

  4. The blog is a great step forward for CountryYarns. I am eager to see your postings and learn from your expertise. I am getting ready to leave the desert and head towards Kentucky, so I am sure I am eager to see green and color once I get closer to home! Good job here and look forward to more.

  5. Oh, I almost forgot!! Thanks for having those books I ordered!! I will get them when I arrive at my mother-in-laws in Kentucky. The two books I ordered were:

    LA3258 FLOWER GARDEN AFGHANS ($8.50) by Rena V. Stevens



    By posting these here, it may help others find books they are looking for too!! I am soooo excited to see the pattern for the Climbing Vine Afghan pattern. I am a huge gardener so this is something I really found to be of interest.


  6. Deidre says:

    Looks like you are off to a great start! Keep up the good work:)

  7. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations, Jennie! Before long, blogging will become second nature to you and you will kick yourself for not having begun sooner.

    Hey, you’re sure those azaleas aren’t from my yard. ;-} They’re beautiful and lend a bright spot to your blog; nicer yet, they’re ‘everblooming’.

    As others, I look forward to following your blog and wish you much success with it.

  8. I have received the leaflets I ordered and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. We made it to Kentucky and except for the rain, all is well.
    Thank you,

  9. CatMyers says:

    I’m glad to have found your blog. I knew your mom only online, and helped her get her web site up and running. I’m sorry to see she’s gone now, but glad that you have taken over the online shop for her as it is such a great resource.

  10. Sandie says:

    I feel like I am late to the party. Just discovered your blog. I wish you much hapiness in your retirement. You have helped so many with your shop and your genuine caring as you helped us find that elusive pattern. Many thanks for your years of service to the crochet community.

  11. Do you still have a pattern for the pineapple tablecloth? I am will to pay for a copy of it. I have been trying for awhile to find a large pineapple pattern.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Shirley Walter10

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